Top 10 Best Places to Visit in Europe for travelling 2022

Top 10 Best Places to Visit in Europe for travelling 2022

1. Paris, France

Places in Europe: Best Europe city for bike tours.
Paris has it all, which is why it’s as close to a must-see as there is in Europe. Food, history, art, culture, and beauty around every corner. A highlight for me is doing a bike tour around the city. Paris Travel Guide • Best Paris Hotels • Best Paris Family Hotels • Best Cheap Hotel in Paris • Best Time To Visit Paris • Paris with Kids • Best Restaurants in Paris • Best Things To Do in Paris • Where To Stay in Paris

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2. Florence, Italy

Places in Europe: Best city for foodies and cooking classes in Europe.
There are so many places to go in Italy, but Florence is so special you really can’t miss it. The art and history are obvious perks but doing food tours and cooking classes are also favorites of mine. And Florence makes a great base for exploring the treasures of Tuscany. Florence Travel Guide • Best Florence Hotels • Best Florence Family Hotels • Best Cheap Hotels in Florence • Best Time To Visit Italy • Best Things To Do in Florence • Where To Stay in Florence

3. Santorini, Greece

Places in Europe: Most romantic place in Europe for honeymoon.
The best holiday destination in Europe (but I might be biased). The caldera views are as incredible as anything you’ll see anywhere. Sunsets, hikes, boat tours, local wines, black volcanic beaches, and the most luxurious hotels along the Mediterranean. Mykonos, Naxos, and Paros are just a few hours away by ferry. Santorini Travel Guide • Best Santorini Hotels • Best Santorini Family Hotels • Best Cheap Hotels in Santorini • Best Time To Visit Santorini • Santorini with Kids • Santorini with Kids • Best Restaurants in Santorini • Best Things To Do in Santorini • Where To Stay in Santorini

4. London, England

Best city in Europe for shopping.Everyone knows London is packed with world-class sights, museums, and historical landmarks. What might be surprising is all the great local markets, shops, neighborhoods, cafes, and restaurants. Be sure to get away from the most popular attractions and seek out the less-touristy neighborhoods of greater London. Best London Hotels • Best London Family Hotels • Best Cheap Hotels in London • Best Time To Visit London • London with Kids • Best Things To Do in London • Where To Stay in London

5. Amsterdam, Netherlands

Places in Europe: Best boat tours and canals in Europe.
One of my absolute favorite cities in Europe. A wonderful city center that’s as pedestrian and bike friendly as you’ll find. Loaded with fun cafes, restaurants, great museums, and leafy parks. Perhaps more than any European city Amsterdam is a place you’ll want to live in after your first day. Best Amsterdam Hotels • Best Amsterdam Family Hotels • Best Cheap Hotels in Amsterdam • Best Time To Visit Amsterdam • Amsterdam with Kids • Where To Stay in Amsterdam

6. Barcelona, Spain

Places in Europe: Best markets in Europe.
My favorite city in Spain. Jammed with great food, lively nightlife, art, architecture, and eye popping sightseeing. A great holiday destination for families too. Best Barcelona Hotels • Best Barcelona Family Hotels • Best Cheap Hotels in Barcelona • Best Time To Visit Barcelona • Barcelona with Kids • Best Restaurants in Barcelona • Best Things To Do in Barcelona • Where To Stay in Barcelona

7. Rome, Italy

Places in Europe: Best pizza and pasta in Europe.
The Colosseum, Trevi Fountain, Roman Forum, Pantheon, Spanish Steps, Sistine Chapel, and Vatican. Rome is packed with some of Europe’s top attractions. Then throw in the food, shops, cafes, and funky neighborhoods. Anything less than 5 days in Rome and you’ll feel cheated. Rome Travel Guide • Best Rome Hotels • Best Rome Family Hotels • Best Cheap Hotels in Rome • Best Time To Visit Rome • Rome with Kids • Best Things To Do in Rome • Where To Stay in Rome

8. Reykjavik, Iceland

Places in Europe: Best small capital city in Europe.
Reykjavik is the cool capital of Europe. Great nightlife, cafes, and restaurants. The Blue Lagoon, whale tours, and mesmerizing scenery are all easy day trips. Best Reykjavik Hotels • Best Rekyjavik Family Hotels • Best Cheap Hotels in Reykjavik • Best Time To Visit Iceland

9. Edinburgh, Scotland

Places in Europe: European city near castles and history.
An awesome mix of castles, history, stunning scenery, and modern Scottish life, Edinburgh is one of the must visit cities of the U.K. Best Boutique Hotels in Edinburgh • Best Edinburgh Family Hotels • Edinburgh with Kids • Where To Stay in Edinburgh

10. Prague, Czech Republic

Places in Europe: Best historical city to visit in Europe.
As close to an idyllic European city as there is. Prague is a favorite of almost anyone who visits. Loads to see and do here – and the beer is pretty darn good too.

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