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Top 10 Best Places to Visit in India 2022 ( updated )


Top 10 Best Places to Visit in India, So let’s start – India is a massive and diverse country. With seven separate countries on its borders, not to mention the Arabian Sea and the Bay of Bengal, the country has many varied faces. Within India’s borders, there are more than 20 official languages, different religions, and a wide range of cuisines.

Travel is essential for properly appreciating the diversity of Indian culture and history. Here are some of the top sites in India to visit:

Number 10: Udaipur


Udaipur, Rajasthan’s city of lakes, glistens charmingly on the brink of the desert. The city is surrounded by green hills and is home to the captivating Lake Palace, which is situated in the middle of a serene lake. The massive but graceful City Palace, as well as the Monsoon Palace, which stands out with walls of shining white marble, are both fascinating sights. Explore historic temples, wander the meandering lanes of this enchanting corner of India, and step back in time in the ancient bazaars.

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Number 9: Amritsar


Amritsar, a Punjabi city near the Pakistani border, is home to the holiest of Sikh sites. The Golden Temple is a tranquil Sikh sanctuary in the midst of the historic walled city that gives a space for introspection and inspiration. You can visit the Golden Temple regardless of your religion, but you must cover your head and remove your shoes to show respect. The streets surrounding the temple are a flurry of activity, markets, and people. Pick up some classic items like hand-embroidered textiles and ornately embellished shoes.

Number 8: Ladakh


Ladakh is a hilly destination in northern India, amid the hotly contested Kashmir region. Although this region is large, it has a low population density and a big number of nomadic people. The area’s breathtaking, pristine nature is a significant lure, but almost all visitors will also spend time in Leh. The town is located at a very high elevation and is home to the King of Ladakh’s 17th century Palace. In Leh, Buddhist culture is also prevalent, and you may choose to visit one of the many Buddhist monasteries and temples.

Number 7: Goa Beaches


Goa, a former Portuguese colony on India’s western coast, combines Indian culture with colonial influences and plenty of international tourists. The beautiful beaches of Goa are one of the reasons for its popularity. Candolim Beach is the busiest of them all, with visitors from all over the world flocking to soak up the sun. Anjuna Beach, on the other hand, is much less congested. It’s also a fantastic location for a walk to Chapora Fort and a new perspective on the beach shoreline. Palolem is regarded as one of Goa’s most beautiful beaches, with its natural harbor flanked on all sides by steep headlands.

Number 6: Delhi


If you spend any time in Northern India, you will almost surely go to Delhi, the country’s capital. The massive spreading location is home to various districts and is regarded as one of the world’s oldest cities. The Red Fort, which was erected in the 17th century, is one of Delhi’s most popular attractions. The Red Fort is composed of sandstone, and you may stroll through the Lahore Gate, into the bazaar, through the jewel palace, and even inside the sultan’s former residence. Make time to visit the city’s numerous museums and religious sites while you’re in Delhi.

Number 5: Ellora and Ajanta Caves


Both Ellora and Ajanta caves are located in Maharashtra and can be visited. Ellora is a massive complex of shrines built out of rocky terrain. These 34 cave shrines, which date back up to 1,500 years, represent three different religions: Buddhism, Jainism, and Hinduism. Ajanta, a two-hour drive away, is home to 29 caves. Murals and paintings adorn the Ajanta caves, the majority of which depict Buddhist legends. Despite the fact that the two cave complexes are two hours apart, it is highly worth visiting both to compare these amazing marvels.

Number 4: Varanasi


Varanasi is a religiously significant city that may appear foreign to many Westerners. The holy city, which is situated on the banks of the heavenly Ganges, is considered a significant pilgrimage site by Hindus. The city is notable for the religious rites that take place along the river’s Ghats; pilgrims wash their clothes in the Ganges and Hindus’ bodies are cremated. The views of life and death along the river can be disturbing, but a trip to Varanasi is also introspective, and tourists will gain a better understanding of India’s rich cultural and spiritual practices as a result.

Number 3: Kerala


Kerala, India’s southwestern state, is famed for its tropical beauty. Palm palms, white sand beaches, and ecotourism are just a few of the reasons to visit the area. Kerala is home to the Trekked Tiger Reserve, in addition to its famous backwaters, exquisite houseboats, and temple festivals. Kochi, the state capital of Kerala, is home to a robust local fishing industry as well as modern high-rises and colonial buildings.

Number 2: Agra


Agra is famous for one thing: the Taj Mahal, which is both iconic and awe-inspiring. The Taj Mahal, located on the Yamuna River’s south bank, attracts millions of visitors each year. The mausoleum’s porcelain white marble is a symbol of romance and adventure, having been built by an emperor as an expensive homage to his bride. Agra is a tiny and inviting city that rests in the shadow of its towering monument. Peering over the walls of the ancient Mughal-era Agra Fort, you can catch your first hypnotizing glimpse of the Taj Mahal.

Number 1: Jaipur


The picturesque Amber Fort is located in the Pink City of Jaipur, Rajasthan’s capital. It is a large, breathtaking complex nestled on the hillside overlooking a lake. The spectacular citadel, erected in 1592 close outside the city, was also a palace for a while but is today an excellent tourist attraction. Make a point of seeing the sumptuous city palace, which features beautiful courtyards and gardens, as well as the incredibly ornate Palace of Winds. Jaipur is one of the Golden Triangle’s three corners, and it also serves as a fantastic entry point to Rajasthan’s lesser-known sites.

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