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Full Forms List of A to Z all the acronyms 2022


Top List of Full forms A to Z of all the acronyms are given here. Along with the full form, detailed information has been given for every type of abbreviation.
Every day used categories, such as science, political, educational, IT, medical and many more.
You can read all full forms by category or alphabetically in detail.

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Full forms starting with “0 – 9”

AcronymFull Form
4G4th Generation
5GFifth Generation

Full forms starting with “A”

AcronymFull Form
AAIAirport Authority of India
ABGArterial Blood Gas
ACAlternating Current, Air Conditioner
ACCAssociated Cement companies
ACCAAssociation of Certified chartered accountants
ADBAsian Development Bank
ADCAAdvance Diploma in Computer Applications
ADIDASAdolf Adi Dassler
ADSAcquired demyelinating syndrome, aiming down sights
AIArtificial Intelligence
ALUArithmetic Logic Unit
APCArmoured Personnel Carrier
APMCAgricultural Produce Market Committee
ASPCAssam Public Service Commission
ATMAutomated teller machine, Air traffic management

Full forms starting with “B”

AcronymFull Form
B. EdBachelor of Education
B.techBachelor of Technology
BABachelor of Arts, British Airways
BAMSBachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery
BBABachelor of Business Administration
BCABachelor of Computer Application
BCCIBoard of Control for Cricket in India
BCGBacillus calmette Guerin
BDSBachelor of dental surgery
BHKBedroom, Hall and Kitchen
BISBureau of Indian Standards
BJPBharatiya Janata Party
BMIBody Mass Index
BPOBusiness Process Outsourcing
BSCCBihar Student Credit Card
BSEBombay Stock Exchange
BTSBangTan Sonyeondan

Full forms starting with “C”

AcronymFull Form
CAChartered Accountant
CAACitizen Amendment Act
CABCitizen amendment Bill
CACPCommission for Agricultural costs and prices
CBICentral Beuro of Investigation, Central Bank of India
CBSECentral Board of Secondary Education
CCCubic Centimeter, Carbon Copy, Credit card, Country code
CCTVClosed-Circuit Television
CDCompact Disc
CDNContent Delivery Network
CDSCombined Defence Services
CIPETCentral Institute of Plastic Engineering and Technology
COMPUTERCommon Operating Machine Purposely used for Technological and Educational research
COPAComputer Operator and Programming Assistant
COVID 19Coronavirus Disease
CPUCentral Processing Unit
CPWDCentral Public works Department
CRYChild Rights and You
CSCCommon Service Centres
CSKChennai Super Kings
CSOCentral Statistics Office
CSPCustomer Service Point
CTOChief Technology Officer
CVCurriculum Vitae

Full forms starting with “D”

AcronymFull Form
DBSDevelopment Bank of Singapore
DBTDirect Benefit Transfer
DCDirect Current, Data Compression, Deputy Commissioner, District of Columbia, Detective Comics
DCADiploma in Computer Applications
DCEDiploma in civil Engineering
DCIMData centre information management, Digital camera images
DELLDigital Electronic Link Library
DESTData entry Skill test, data entry speed test
DLFDelhi Land and Finance
DNADeoxyribonucleic acid
DNSDomain Name System
DRCCDistrict Registration cum Counseling Center
DRDODefense research and development organization
DRMDigital Rights management, Divisional Railway Manager
DRSDecision Review System
DSPDeputy superintendent of police
DTPDesktop publishing, distributed transaction processing

Full forms starting with “E”

AcronymFull Form
EBRTExternal Beam Radiation Therapy
ECGElectro cardio diagram
EDEnforcement Directorate
EDDEstimated date of delivery
EmailElectronics Mail
EMFElectromotive Force
ENTEar Nose Throat
EPSEncapsulated PostScript
EUEuropean Union

Full forms starting with “F”

AcronymFull Form
FATCAForeign Account Tax Compliance Act
FBIFederal Bureau of Investigation
FCIFood corporation of India
FIRFirst Information Report
FRAForest Rights Acts
FYIFor Your Information

Full forms starting with “G”

AcronymFull Form
G2CGovernment to Citizen Services
GAILGas Authority of India Limited
GDPGross Domestic Product
GKGeneral Knowledge
GmailGoogle Mail
GoogleGlobal Organization of Oriented Group Language of Earth
GPGeneral partner
GPSGlobal Positioning System
GSTGoods and Services Tax

Full forms starting with “H”

AcronymFull Form
HCLHindustan Computers Limited
HDFCHousing Development Finance Corporation
HIVHuman immunodeficiency virus
HODHead of Department
HPHewlett-Packard, Hindustan Petroleum, Horse Power
HRHuman Resource
HTTPHyperText Transfer Protocol
HVACHeating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning

Full forms starting with “I”

AcronymFull Form
I ComIntermediate of Commerce
I SCIntermediate of Science
IAIntermediate of Arts
IASIndian Administrative Service
IBPSInstitute of Banking personnel selection
ICSEIndian Certification of Secondary Education
ICTInformation and communications technology
ICUIntensive care Unit
IECinternational Electro-technical commission, Importer – Exporter code
IFSIndian Forest Service, Indian Foreign Service
IITIndian Institute of Technology
IMFInternational Monetary Fund
IMOIn my opinion, International maritime organization
IMPSImmediate Payment Service
INCIncorporate or Incorporated
INDIAIndependent Nation Declared in August
INRIndian Rupee
IPLIndian Premier League
IPOInitial Public offering
IPPBIndia Post Payment Bank
IPSIndian Police Service
IRSIndian Revenue Service
ISKCONInternational Society for Krishna Consciousness
ISOInternational organization for Standardization
ISROIndian Space Research Organization
ITInformation Technology
ITCIndian Tobacco Company, International Trade Center
ITIIndustrial Training Institute
IUCInterconnect Usage Charge
IVRInteractive Voice Response

Full forms starting with “J”

AcronymFull Form
JAIIBJunior Associate of the Indian Institute of Bankers
JBLJames Bullough Lansing
JEEJoint Entrance examination
JEE MainJoint Entrance examination
JIOJoint Implementation Opportunities
JOBJoining Others Businesses

Full forms starting with “K”

AcronymFull Form
KbpsKilobits per second
KGFKolar Gold Field, Kilogram-Force
KIITKalinga Institute of Industrial Training
KYCKnow Your Customer

Full forms starting with “L”

AcronymFull Form
LASERLight Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation
LCDLiquid Crystal display
LEDLight Emitting Diode
LICLife insurance corporation of India
LLBBachelor of Legislative Law
LOLlaughing out Loud, Lots of love
LSILatent Semantic Indexing
LTELong Term Evolution

Full forms starting with “M”

AcronymFull Form
MACMedia Access Control Address
MBAMaster of Business Administration
MBBSBachelor of Medicine & Bachelor of Surgery
MCMenstrual Cycle
MCAMaster of computer applications
MCQMultiple Choice Question
MCVCMinimum Competency Vocational Courses
MIXiaomi, Mumbai Indians, Mission Impossible
MISManagement information systems
MLAMember of Legislative Assembly
MLCMember of Legislative Council
MouseManually operated user selection equipment
MPSCMaharashtra Public Service Commission
MRPMaximum Retail Price
MSMEMicro, Small & Medium Enterprises
MSPMinimum Support Price

Full forms starting with “N”

AcronymFull Form
NABARDNational Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development
NCERTNational Council of Educational Research and Training
NCVTNational Council of Vocational Training
NDANational Defence Academy, National Democratic Alliance
NEETNational Eligibility cum Entrance Test
NETNational Eligibility Test
NGONon-Governmental Organization
NIOSNational Institute of Open Schooling
NPRNational Population Register
NRCNational Register of Citizens
NTPCNational thermal power corporation, Non-technical popular categories
NVRNetwork Video Recorder

Full forms starting with “O”

AcronymFull Form
OCDObsessive-Compulsive Disorder
OKObjection Killed, Oll Korrect, On Kerosine
OPOriginal Post, Overpowered
OPDOutPatient Department
OSOperating System
OTPOne Time Password
OTTOver The Top

Full forms starting with “P”

AcronymFull Form
PANPermanent Account Number
PCPersonal Computer
PCMPulse Code Modulation
PDFPortable Document Format
PDSPublic Distribution System
PGPaying Guest
PGDCAPost Graduate Diploma in Computer Applications
PHPotential of Hydrogen
PHCPrimary Health Centre
PHDDoctor of Philosophy
PM CARESPrime Minister’s citizen Assistance Relief in Emergency situations
POLICEPublic Officer for legal investigations and criminal emergencies
POSPoint of Sale
PPPPublic Private Partnership, Power Point Presentation, Purchasing Power Parity
PRPublic Relations, Prothrombin Ratio, Permanent Residence
PWDPublic Works Department

Full forms starting with “Q”

AcronymFull Form
QR CodeQuick Response Code

Full forms starting with “R”

AcronymFull Form
R and DResearch and Development
RACReservation Against Cancellation
RAMRandom-Access Memory
RBCRed Blood cells
RBIReserve Bank of India
RDORevenue division officer, rural development organization, remote data objects
REETRajasthan Eligibility Examination for Teachers
RNARibonucleic acid
ROReverse Osmosis
ROMRead Only Memory
RTFRich Text Format
RTIRIght to information

Full forms starting with “S”

AcronymFull Form
SAARCSouth Asian Association for Regional Cooperation
SAPSystem Application & Products in Data Analysis
SBIstate bank of India
SchoolSincerity Capacity Honesty Orderliness Obedience Learning
SCVTState Council of Vocational Training
SEOSearch Engine Optimization
SFDCSalesforce dot com
SIMsubscriber identity module
SMESmall and Medium Enterprises
SMSShort Message Service
SPSuperintendent of Police
SRMSri Ramaswamy Memorial
SSBService Selection Board
SSCStaff selection commission
SSDSolid State Drive
SSOSingle Sign On

Full forms starting with “T”

AcronymFull Form
TA & DATravelling Allowance & Dearness Allowance
TBHTo Be Honest
TCSTata Consultancy Services, Tax Collected at Source
TDSTax Deducted at Source, Total Dissolved Solids
TLDTop Level Domain, Thermoluminescent dosimeter
TMSTreasury management system
TRAITelecom Regulatory Authority of India
TVSThirukkurungudi Vengaram Sundram

Full forms starting with “U”

AcronymFull Form
UCO BankUnited Commercial Bank
UNUnited Nations
UPSUninterruptible Power supply
UPSCUnion Public service commission
USAUnited States of America
USBUniversal Serial Bus

Full forms starting with “V”

AcronymFull Form
VATValue Added Tax
VITVellore Institute of Technology
VPSVirtual Private Server

Full forms starting with “W”

AcronymFull Form
WBCWhite Blood Cell
WFHWork From Home
WHOWorld Health Organization
WIFIWireless Fidility
WLANWireless Local Area Network
WPMWords Per Minute
WTOWorld Trade Organization

Full forms starting with “X”

AcronymFull Form
XMLExtensible Markup Language

Full forms starting with “Y”

AcronymFull Form
YAHOOYet Another Hierarchy of Officious Oracle / Yet Another Hierarchically Organized Oracle
YogaYour Objective Guidelines and Assessment

नोट: – Full Form List कैसा लगा, मुझे कमेंट करके जरूर बताएं और हमारे द्वारा लिखे गए लेख में कोई कमी देखी है तो हमें कमेंट करके जरूर बताएं, हम इसे सुधारेंगे और अपडेट करेंगे। अगर आपको हमारा यह आर्टिकल पसंद आया तो इसे फेसबुक, व्हाट्सएप और अपने दोस्तों के बीच शेयर करें।

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